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Sushi: A Great Cooking Project for Two People August 2, 2010

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I’ve always heard that making sushi is really, really hard. That unless you have tons of practice, your rolls turn out messy and unappetizing and you might as just give up and order some take out. Well, I’m here to report that it is not as bad as all that.

I’ve been adding some random stuff to my Amazon wishlist. Things like heart-shaped ice cube trays, books that look interesting but aren’t must-reads, and a sushi mat. Oops, I accidentally added this little sushi-rolling doodad to my cart, and it showed up at my door along with an organic cookbook a few weeks ago.

Mike loves sushi, and when yesterday morning I casually suggested we could make sushi for dinner, his eyes lit up. I mean, Mike is a super-positive guy, but more in a “I’ll do anything once” sort of way – when I suggest going to a good restaurant, or biking out to Coney Island, he smiles and says, “Sure! Sounds fun!” No, this time, it was different. He pounced on that idea like spaz-attack cat Luca pounces on a laser pointer. (Ever seen that? It’s pretty funny. But I digress.) There was no reneging on this idea.

We stopped at Whole Foods on the way home and picked up the ingredients. I already had sesame seeds, wasabi powder, sugar, soy sauce, and nori, so we chose a tuna steak and salmon, some sushi rice, rice vinegar, some cheap caviar (or roe, as they call it in sushi restaurants, and it was 11 bucks y’all, don’t get excited) a couple avocados, and convinced the lady at the sushi counter to part with a little bit of spicy sauce.

A google search found this stellar all things sushi website with detailed instruction on every step.

We rinsed, soaked, and cooked the rice, mixed in the vinegar, sugar, and salt, sliced up the fish and avocado, spread the rice on the nori, and used the mat to roll it all up in different variations.

The result was delicioso. (Sorry, I don’t know the Japanese word for “awesomeness in my mouth”) Yes, my rolls were a bit fat. “I don’t know if this is going to fit in my mouth,” Mike said as he contemplated my overly rice-y roll. “I’m not going to say it,” I said, but then couldn’t help my self and yelled “That’s what she said!!!!” as he placed it in his mouth. Then I started laughing so hard, because he looked like a chipmunk. Sorry, no pics of that, which is unfortunate, really. Luckily Mike was able to chew  it and swallow it, as hard as I was making it for him.

Also, we had a lot of sushi. FYI, three cups of uncooked rice is excessive for two people, as is a pound of fish. Who knew?

But overall, it was super fun. We took turns spreading the rice, and choosing our own favorite garnishes. One hiccup was that Mike forgot to keep track of which rolls were heavy on the wasabi, which was an unpleasant surprise for me. And no, I did not get sick, thanks for asking! Now if you will excuse me, I need to go eat my leftovers!