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My Letter of the Week to My Reps July 23, 2010

Way to go. I just saw the news about the so-called “Energy Bill,” which is really just democrats rolling over and showing their bellies to the Republicans.

“We can’t get the votes. It’s not possible.” Is that all we will ever hear from Democrats? At least Republicans get it done, even if I disagree with all of their policies. I had such high hopes when Obama got elected. I thought maybe since Democrats had taken it back, they would have the courage and conviction to undo Bush’s policies and steer us away from relying on oil from dangerous petro-states. To address the crisis of our time: climate change. To clean up the air and the Gulf. Instead we have…. Nothing at all.

Your legacy will be the Congress who was too scared to save our country from poisoning itself with oil and coal. Congratulations.


Alden Wicker

New York, NY 10025



I Am NOT a Guinea Pig July 21, 2010

How many times have I talked about the toxic chemicals found in nail polish, lotions, and even receipts?

It’s not just these things, chemicals that can cause cancer and  mess with your ability to have children are found in stuff we touch and handle every day, like floor carpet, baby bottles, and food cans. It’s gotten so bad that they have found toxins in umbilical cords. That’s right, we’ve poisoned our babies  before they even make it out into the world. Good ol’ American ingenuity.

If by now you are saying “WTF? Isn’t someone supposed to make sure this doesn’t happen? Why are companies allowed to poison us?” You are on the right track.

As it stands now, companies are allowed to come up with all sorts of crazy stuff, and put it on the market, with no proof that it is safe. You would think after all that asbestos and lead craziness, the government would get wise and think, “Hey, maybe some man-made chemicals should be tested before we put it in insulation, paint, and food containers.” Unfortunately, it’s impossible for the EPA to keep up with the thousands of chemicals out there on the market.

Go to to voice your concern and help push new regulation through congress to make it the responsibility of manufacturers to prove their products are safe before they can be marketed.