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Essentials for a eco-chic girl’s purse December 13, 2009

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Being sustainable can really take thought and perseverance. So after many months, I think I’ve almost perfected what tools it takes to be sustainable on a daily basis in the city. Voila:

1. An iphone with lots of apps to help you live greener: Good Guide, 3rd Whale, iRecycle, What’s Fresh, Go Organic!

2. A vintage wallet from the flea market. (Better than buying new!)

3. A locally and hand-made leather purse that will stay in style and last forever.

4. A reusable bag that is so tiny when folded up you could fit it in a party clutch.

5. Organic and toxin-free hand moisturizer. Especially for those winter months!

6. A BPA-free reusable water bottle.

7. Your ticket for public transportation.

So do I have it all? I think I might add one more think: some vintage handkerchiefs so I can stop using and throwing away tissues.

What would you add?


I’m so COOL August 12, 2009

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Yay I have an iPhone! Don’t get me started on how much I want to stab Verizon and AT&T right now, but regardless, I’m PSYCHED. I looked for some good green apps and came up with Good Guide, and Green Lemur as the most useful, and free! On recommendation from my coworker I got 3rd Whale, which seems to be very popular. My roommate also showed me Urban Spoon, which has a vegetarian option. I’m not a vegetarian, but veg usually equals organic/healthy. Here are the original reviews so you can see for yourself:


The Apple Blog

On another note….

So apparently Juniper Green Gin is hard to find. I told my friend to get it for our aperitifs last night before we saw 500 Days of Summer (I totally recommend that movie!) Anyway, he called three liquor stores and none of them had it. “They seem impressed that I knew what it was,” he told me as he pulled Bombay Sapphire out of the fridge. “Why is it so special?”

“It’s organic.”

“Oh.” Noncommittal shrug and a smile. “Well I hope this will do.”

On another note, that guy did call me last night and he agreed to take me to Savoy. I checked out the reviews on the original place, Max Brenner’s at Union Square, after Morgan Harris told me I was making a huge mistake. Thanks for the tip, Morgan, but “tourist trap,” “always crowded” and “poor service” aren’t really my thing. Besides, just had some Ben & Jerry’s, (they are combatting global warming!) and I’ve had my fill for the day of chocolate.