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Blue Marble: Organic, local, grass-fed deliciousness June 10, 2010

organic, grass-fed, Hudson valley dairy ice cream from Blue Marble

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”

That’s what my Nana would say every time I crawled into the front seat of the Buick between her and Papa, and we all set off for the only ice cream shop in Sanford. At the time I thought vanilla, mint chocolate chip, and rocky road were the pinnacle of deliciousness.

Well, we learn a lot as we grow older, don’t we?

Saturday Mike and I did the Atlantic Avenue art walk in Brooklyn. Most of the artists were pretty meh except the talented Donato Giancola, (I bought this print)  but it wasn’t a total bust. We played bocce ball at Floyd’s (I recommend!) and also popped into Blue Marble Ice Cream for  a cold treat.

I fell head over heels for this place, and here’s why:

chocolate, raspberry, butter pecan, culture, and cinnamon are some of the sweet treats at Blue Marble Ice CreamAmazing flavors: Drunk rum raisin, hazelnut, cultured (a yogurt flavor), dreamcicle, peach sorbet, blackberry, butter pecan, and a whole bunch others made me seriously consider asking for three scoops piled in a waffle cone. Mike laughed as I switched from flavor to flavor at least five times while we waited in line. Luckily I came to my senses and just went for the sweet cream, which is so simple yet so. friggin. delicious. This post by Chowhound says they have the best strawberry ice cream ever introduced to man, and the commenters are inclined to agree.

Simple yet perfect toppings: Forget crumbled oreos, Blue Marble goes old school with maple syrup and even balsamic vinaigrette for your strawberry or raspberry ice cream. I was disappointed to learn I couldn’t get local chocolate shop Nunu‘s hot caramel or hot fudge on top of my cone. Probably a good call since no one wants hot caramel dripping all over their hands, so next time I’ll get a cup so I can experience it. Or maybe I’ll get the strawberry with balsamic vinaigrette? Ooooh, or the honey! I don’t knoooooow!

High quality ingredients: Organic? Check. Grass-fed, happy cows? Check.We make our ice cream on a Hudson Valley Farm with premium, grassfed, organic dairy. Local? Check. Artificial colors and flavors? Nope! How could you make this ice cream any better?

Consciously consuming: Until everyone carries around a lunchbox of utensils and dishes, we’ll have to accept that some containers will be bought only to be thrown away after we are done. While we wait for mini picnic pouches to come into style, you can’t get much more responsible than Blue Marble’s compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable supplies, plus three bins in which to place them when you’re done. Nice!

The perfect setting: While you restrain yourself from attempting to shove the entire scoop of ice cream into your mouth in a fit of ecstasy, you’ll enjoy your green surroundings. Salvaged materials, white non-toxic paint on the wooden beams, recycled glass counters, and vintage-y looking touches lend the shop a homey feel, instead of the usual antiseptic linoleum floors and plastic tables at other ice cream shops.

I can’t believe you are still sitting there reading this! Go get some ice cream!



You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for… April 12, 2010

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Ice Cream! As my wonderful southern Nana used to say, as we drove to the only ice cream shop in Sandford, North Carolina. Nana never got anything, because she’s on a perpetual diet of wheat thins, bless her heart. Papa always got mint chocolate chip. And I never got the same thing twice.

Every fourth of July Nana would break out the ice cream maker for vanilla bean ice cream. This wasn’t your fancy electric ice cream maker. This big metal container with wooden slats on the outside used a hand crank. We would sit on the back flagstone steps and crank and crank. Oh man, was that ice cream good over blackberry cobbler.

In that spirit of experimentation and handmade goodness, I present to you MilkMade, a hand-made, hand-delivered ice cream company in New York City. You sign up for three months, with a pint delivered each month right to your front door. This month you could choose one of two flavors – I went for brown sugar and peanut butter. Then I opted for a late-night delivery on Wednesday.

On Tuesday I got a reminder email, and all I could think about for the next two days was that pint of homemade ice cream. I managed to get out of work before 8:30 on Wednesday  so I could get home before 9 and be there for delivery. (They don’t leave pints with doormen. Probably because you would never get it!)

10:00 came and went. Then 11:00, at which point I had been assured the ice cream would be delivered. At 11:32 I got this text:

Hi from milkmade. we are so so sorry but we are running late tonight. is it possible to reschedule for tomorrow or Friday? thanks and again we apologize!! <00

I would have been happy to reschedule, but I knew I wouldn’t be home all day Thursday or Friday. I told them that, and they sent me another text saying they had worked it out. I wasn’t pissed, really. They use a bike to deliver, and I didn’t expect stellar service. After all, they are obviously a tiny company. Finally, a little after midnight, my doorman buzzed me. I rushed downstairs in my slippers. A smiling, tall blond in an embellished tank and jorts introduced herself as Katie and handed me my pint.

When I got back upstairs, I couldn’t help but taste a few spoonfuls. Delicious! But, delicious enough to pay $16.67 a pint? That’s right, it’s $50 four three months, a pint a month. Ouch!

I would say that this is delicious ice cream, two days fresh, and hand delivered, but $16.67? That’s more than Haagen Dazs even. Plus the whole tailoring my schedule around delivery… hmmm. If you work from home, or get home from work at a reasonable time, and are an ice cream aficionado, go for it. But I think I will cap my membership at one month.

Oh, you say you want to try a bite? Sorry, I already ate it all!