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Eco-friendly Fashion for the Fashion-est of Us May 8, 2010

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Refinery 29 is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s a New York-based blog that follows the cutting edge in fashion trends. Basically, it’s the kind of place that encourages you to go out and buy a bunch of weird stuff that – even if it doesn’t earn you some puzzled looks from your more conservative friends – will be out again in one year. (I learned that the hard way.) Still, I can’t bear to unsubscribe to their thrice-daily emails, and on Earth Day I was rewarded with a great guide to eco-friendly fashion.

It’s got three pages packed with beautiful designers and websites where you can get your fashion fix without doing too much damage to the planet. I absolutely love the white draped/gathered dress above!


A simple guide to organic labels May 3, 2010

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Lot’s to rehash, as soon as I have time! Until then, thought I would throw up a useful link for you…

Because this stuff is confusing, and we could all use a little help to know what is meaningful (USDA organic, grass-fed) and what is hooey (all-natural, free range). Just because it’s sold in Whole Foods, doesn’t mean it’s a good choice!

The Common Sense Guide to “Organic” and Other Labels


An (almost) comprehensive recycling guide February 21, 2010

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Getting down a list of everything man-made and putting it in a recycling guide is kind of like counting to infinity. You can always get just a little bit closer….

Real Simple makes a valiant attempt with their A-Z guide to recycling.

Via Re-nest, a green offshoot of Apartment Therapy.