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Ask Your Dr for Alternatives July 15, 2010

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Sometimes you shouldn’t always blindly follow your doctor’s directions. And I’m not talking about homeopathic medicine and natural remedies here in lieu of science. Please take your prescriptions. Well, unless you are 300 pounds and diabetic. Then some weight loss might do the trick. But I digress. What I’m saying is that if your doctor tells you to do something that seems like it might clash with your eco-minded values, just explore your options.

This is a silly little example, but this morning I had an appointment at the dermatologist. I just have a tiny little red dot on my cheek that seems to be permanent, and I wanted it gone.

The dermatologist, Dr. Persaud, was super nice, and after zapping my annoying little red mark, she told me to apply Aquafor twice a day for a week. I thanked her and headed out to the reception area. Then I thought twice and popped my head back in.

“Um, can I use anything besides Aquafor? Maybe something more natural?”

She thought for a second and said, “Sure, olive oil would work great.”

I mean, why not just say that in the first place? I would have gone out and bought Aquafor, which comes in a little plastic tube, and is made from petroleum. And I would have used it for a week and then thrown it away. Now instead I will pay zero dollars, won’t put a whole slew of gross ingredients on my skin and won’t waste the resources it took to make it, package it, and ship it out to New York City. That’s a win.

So yeah, just ask questions in your doctor’s office. That’s all!