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Clean Program Recap…. April 17, 2010

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So I promised I would keep you filled in on how The Clean Program went. You know, that very expensive cleanse for which I shelled out $350? I’ve been procrastinating on posting this, because I’m a little embarrassed on how it turned out.

I wanted to try the cleanse not really for weight loss, though that would be awesome. It was just to rid my system of toxins that I have built up. That anyone, really, has built up. I wanted to flush out the preservatives and smog and sugar, the nasty stuff they put in hamburgers and  the pesticides left fruit. My aunt had told me about her liver cleanse, and how she felt so much better after, especially since she lost five pounds during and ten pounds after. Nice, right?

Well I wish I could tell you that my cleanse was super effective. In fact, I bet it is super effective. I just wouldn’t know from personal experience. When I followed requirements – a shake in the morning, a meal free from sugar, soy, bread, beef, milk, and any processed foods for lunch, and a shake for dinner, plus supplements), my weight would drop precipitously. I dropped two pounds just on the first day. But I hardly ever did follow the instructions. I drank beer. I ate sugary stuff. I ate out instead of having the shakes.

After the three weeks, I was no lighter. In fact, weighing myself four weeks after I started, after three weeks of half heartedly following the cleanse and a week of eating Easter Chocolate, I was up one pound, net. Yikes!

My face is much clearer these days, though I can’t say for sure it’s correlated to the Clean Program. I also can’t claim that I dropped real weight while I was following the restrictions. At one point I was down 4.5 pounds. But the speed at which it came back leads me to believe it might have been water weight. Who knows?

Now I have a weeks worth of pills and powder left, if I could just bring myself to to go gung ho for one week, just to see what would happen….

Here’s the moral of the story: It’s great if you have admirable will power, don’t mind turning down invitations for dinner and drinks for three weeks, are very organized and prepared, and enjoy cooking. Otherwise, don’t bother.


Nanana boo boo, I’m losing weight! January 9, 2010

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Remember my New Years resolution? About not eating yucky processed food? Well, that happy side effect I mentioned of losing weight is happening.

New Years resolutions are hard to keep, because they force you suddenly out of your comfort zone. That’s why they usually fail. But this resolution has been slowly happening for a long time. So on New Years I just pushed the last of processed food out of my diet. So I can proudly say that since I arrived in New York City in July, my weight has dropped by 9 pounds. For a little thing like me, that’s a lot! (6% of my weight) I’m as skinny as I was sophomore year of college! 3 of those pounds were just in the last couple of weeks.

I think it’s because I’ve changed my whole outlook on food. Instead of the debate being in my head “I want that chicken nugget! No, it’s gonna make me fat. But it’s so yuuuummmy.” the conversation in my head is now, “Chicken nuggets…gross. Is there an apple around here somewhere?”

And also I mentioned before, those carb craving that used to happen almost every day in the afternoon, or late at night, where I would rummage through the fridge and pantry to find something to satisfy my sweet tooth – it has ceased completely. Even when I’m super super hungry, it’s just hungry. It’s not a craving. I can still be rational about choosing something that is delicious yet healthy for me and the environment. And I can look at cookies and go, “nah.”

So, ladies, if you need another reason to enjoy whole, fresh, local foods (besides avoiding preservatives, not giving money to disgusting factory farms, avoiding food-born pathogens, and superior taste) well there it is.