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Memories from North Carolina February 11, 2010

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“Don’t you ever say that you have a small family, because you have family here, a big family.”


For one magic moment… A photo essay

Constant noise of traffic/Ceaseless roar of planes/Thunder of great lorries/Screeching of trains/For one magic moment/I closed my eyes and heard/Above this great confusion/The sweet notes of a bird.

Aunt Sally and Uncle Pat’s garden is famous. They’ve frequently gotten requests from Southern Living to do a photo shoot. (It’s never happened. Aunt Sally has declined because it’s so much work to get the garden ready.) During the annual Mothers’ Day Open House people come by the busload to wander through. And garden buffs consider it a treat worth driving from Raleigh for any day.

The pasture pond and cow barn at PatWic Acres

A broken barn window

Worn workshop doors

Pat was a gifted woodworker.

Oh boy, are there plenty of decoys in both houses!

"I get graduation notices and wedding announcements from people all over the country who have played in that playhouse." - Aunt Sally

You can find these all over the garden.

I had a little tea party/This afternoon at three./Three guests was all/'Twas very small/Just I, myself and me./Myself ate all the sandwiches/While I drank up the tea./'Twas also I/Who ate the pie/And passed the cake to me.

Once in a golden hour/I cast to earth a seed/Up there came a flower/The people said a Weed. - Tennyson

Hmmm, the playhouse is a little neglected. I swept out the leaves and closed the door.

You should see this in the spring...

Nandina whipping in the gusty winds

The Secret Garden

The Brinkers' horses - hopefully I'll go riding tomorrow