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Get ready to feel better about yourself March 8, 2010

Doesn’t everyone love a little schadenfreude? Sure they do!

So, if you are a regular reader, you might enjoy the list of what this self-righteous, consciously cocky, sugar-avoiding, hyper-aware hippie ate yesterday during the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Hoboken. (It’s not like I didn’t see this coming.)

One acai granola bar

One sweetened white tea

One mimosa

Two Bailey’s flavored pancakes with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter on top

Another mimosa

A little bit of spicy sausage

Two strips of bacon

1/2 waffle with Aunt Jemima maple syrup. Whoops, I mean high fructose corn syrup.

Another mimosa

One small cinnamon roll

Two Bud Lights

One swig of Jameson

Four McDonald’s french fries with ketchup (Not four orders of fries, four fries. But keep reading, it gets worse.)

Two more Bud Lights

Two shots of Van Gogh flavored vodka

A #1 from White Castle (4 mini burgers, 1 order of fries with ketchup, and  a Diet Coke)

One White Castle onion ring

Another bud light

Two more mini White Castle burgers


4 Tums

I think this Anchorman quote pretty much sums up my view of this incident:

“You ate,,, the whole wheel of cheese?? How’d you do that? Baxter, I’m not even mad. That’s amazing.”


Oh man, this is going to be bad. March 4, 2010

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St. Patrick’s Day is still almost two weeks away, but no worries, Hoboken is celebrating early this Saturday.

And I will be there.

I’m on this horrendously long email chain between a big group of people from my touch football team. The words “epic,” “huge,” and “ridiculous” have been used. Mentions of Jameson, a leprechaun costume, Bailey’s, and mimosas (my idea!) are sprinkled throughout. Here’s the plan: Breakfast with eggs, waffles, sausage and alcohol starts at 9 a.m., bars by 10 before they get packed, the parade at 1, and then who knows.

Remember when I wrote that post about how my life falls apart when I drink too much and all my good intentions get chucked out the grimy bar window? Well, I would say 75% of the drunkfests I have been involved with in the past three months have been with these people. I love them, I really do. They are hilarious and fun and wonderful people. However, they do not take no for an answer.

“Take a shot!”

“No thanks.”

“DO IT.”

“No really…”


“Alright!”  And then I scrunch up my face and take the shot and ask myself, for the 20th time, why on earth I ever agree to pour Jameson down my throat. That stuff is awful.

In short, this impending festival of drinking scares the hell out of me. How will waffles  fit within my resolution not to eat sugar for a month? How about those sausages? They will ruin my aspirations to only eat “good” hormone-free, organic, local meat. Let’s not even discuss what will happen when I get the drunk munchies in Hoboken. Ouch. And then, of course, there is the hangover the next day.

I’m just an all or nothing type of girl. Unless I am in the presence of my boss or my mom, I am not a sip-beer type of girl. I’m a “Hell yeah, bring it on, this is awesome!” girl. And this tendency seems to conflict, just a tad, with my lofty aspirations for eating well.

Here is the most important question of all: Is being concerned about the environment making me an un-fun loser? I used to LOVE all day drinking fests. I loved to “Do it for the story.” But now all the super-fun-ness seems almost – ALMOST – overshadowed by the possibility of passing out and getting trampled by drunk people dressed in green, the three pounds I will put on before Monday consisting of processed crap, and the hangover. It’s like this one day could unravel everything I’ve done to be healthy over the past six months. I mean, it’s HOBOKEN. on ST. PATRICK’S DAY. ‘Nuff said.

This questions of whether I’m fun anymore really bothers me y’all. I will give this some thought….


To drink or not to drink? January 18, 2010

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I have a confession. I was so bad yesterday. First I broke my new years resolution of no processed food by eating pita chips and hummus for breakfast. That’s not that bad, you might say. Oh, it gets worse. I ordered wings and waffle fries for lunch, and washed it down with plastic bottle of Gatorade. As I blearily sucked down the blue liquid, I looked at the label and saw that Gatorade’s second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. The wings came in a styrofoam box, which had leaked spicy buffalo sauce all over the plastic bag. They also came with disposable napkins and plastic utensils. I held myself back from ordering a coke with it, but caved later and helped myself to Vicki’s ginger ale.

How did this happen? How did I go from extolling the virtues of the farmers market, from avowing to avoid processed foods and secretly judging anyone who didn’t follow my example, to paying money for such grossness? I feel like such a hypocrite. Well, I’ll tell you why.


Ugh, I was so hung over. Somehow when your stomach is berating you for staying out until 3:30 in the morning, and asking you why you agreed to that tequila shot, it refuses to accept the idea of a fruit smoothie, peanut butter and apple slices, or basically anything from nature. All it wants are refined carbs that have been mixed with sugar and packaged up into bite size morsels. It wants grease, and with no bacon left in the house, and a rebellious tummy, I ordered in.

Why is it that when our stomach is this vulnerable, it demands stuff that isn’t good for it? I have no idea. What I do know is that yesterday made me rethink my whole stance on drinking.

It’s not like I set out to get toasted. I actually promised myself I would drink the beer slowly. But a birthday party at the bowling alley turned into a late night at the bar, and I found myself dancing and drinking and laughing and drinking some more. It used to be that after nights like this, I would stumble out of my dorm room in a perfect euphoria. A little light headed and loopy, but my stomach wouldn’t feel bad, and my head would be pain free. Not. Any. More. I’m an old lady now.

Alcohol seems to be the antithesis of organic anyway. Oh sure, they have organic vodka and wine and gin. But the whole point of eating organic is having faith that in the long run, your body will function at least slightly better than if you had sustained yourself on soda and microwave meals. As for alcohol, it can ruin your ability to function in less than an hour, much less years down the road. So how does that jive with my philosophy of treating my body well? And let’s face it, Turtle Bay was not serving organic alcohol. (I don’t care how nice Patrone is, it still makes me gag.)

So what do I do moving forward? I still don’t know. I love the fun that comes with drinking with friends. I like having wine with dinner, proposing a toast over shots, and clinking beer glasses with friends. In college, the best times were had over drinking Jenga and beer pong. But I hate the way it ruins my life for a day. In one 24 hour period, I missed touch football, I added a pound to my waistline, and I definitely didn’t make it to yoga. And now I have leftover wings sitting in my fridge I don’t want and a full trash can of unrecyclables.

Any thoughts? How do you solve the drinking problem if you are trying to be kind to your body and the earth? Is there a compromise? Or should I just give it up and join my boyfriend in No Alcohol Land?


Drinking like a hippie July 29, 2009

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723650672MicUltrastella_artoisSquare-One-Cucumber-lg1037445xDrinking like a hippie DOES NOT mean passing out on top of my bong with my face planted into post-music festival mud. Just wanna make that clear. I only passed out with my face in my pillow last night.

So I met up with an old college friend for drinks last night.Before I left work, I thought to myself, what a great opportunity to figure out how to be sustainable while drinking my cares away! (GOD I am such a nerd.)

Look, I know it seems weird to care about what I’m putting in my body, when essentially I’m pouring a type of toxin into my blood in hopes of blurring my vision and losing my inhibitions. HOWEVER, just think of how you felt last time you got drunk off of Aristocrat. Yeah, case in point.

So what kind of liquors to drink? Maybe I want a vodka tonic? Or even skinnier, a vodka soda water? Well, I know Rain Vodka can be found almost everywhere. It’s pricey but delicious. There’s also Square One vodka, Tru Organic Lemon Infused vodka (buy a bottle, they plant a tree!), Juniper Green Organic Dry Gin and Sarticious Gin. Gin tonics really are my favorite.

Eating local is great for the environment, so you might as well drink local too! I see Brooklyn Brewery bottles around a lot. And Anheuser-Busch is actually right in the state. According to Anheuser-Busch says “it recycled more than 97% of the solid waste it generated in 2003: more than five billion pounds of material. The company released the data as part of its annual environmental, health and safety report. Anheuser-Busch Recycling Corporation is the world’s largest aluminium can recycler.”

Surprising, but cool.2051950924_059d030e47

John took me to the Red Lion in the village. “Wow, this place is yuppy to the max,” I observed. It was stuffed with respectable looking people in khaki pants and nicely tucked in button downs. “Well It’s a W&L hangout,” John said. Ah, that makes sense. I opted for a Brooklyn lager. Well, four Brooklyn Lagers.

They had a great act performing, a girl named Rebecca Correia. (pronounced like Korea) She’s got a wonderful voice, and plays guitar and piano. She was nice enough to talk to me a little bit between sets. She’s based in Nashville but comes up to New York often to perform. I bought a CD off her, filled with live performances she did for Sirius XM, call Soul of Me. I’m listening to it now, and I’m smitten. It’s not availabe on Itunes, but her other CD, Miss You, is. My favorite song is her rendition of Shakespeare’s Sonnet #30. It’s haunting. Especially when you are hung over. When she finished up her final set last night, and John and I left, she even gave me a hug! I was pathetically flattered.

I gave up on sustainable drinking after that. The next bar, Pheobe’s, didn’t seem like the kind of place to carry organic vodka. I had  gin tonic instead, and then dimly remembered I hadn’t had dinner. Woopsies.