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ADORABLE ALERT: Pocket Guide to Produce Pesticides June 21, 2010

Can’t afford to buy everything organic, but still concerned about pesticides on your produce? Carry this adorable guide in your wallet, which tells you the dirty dozen of pesticides, and the cleanest too!

(Click the image to download)


Green Grocery Shopping June 1, 2010

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now to bring reusable bags to the grocery store. But what about produce? I always feel a pang of guilt whenever I rip a little plastic bag off of a roll at the grocery store just so I can stuff organic kale in it.

No more! These babies are getting tucked inside my large reusable grocery bag so I can break free of the plastic bag habit completely. I really will feel chic toting my produce around in such nice looking bags.


Tips for the Farmers Market May 8, 2010

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You know I love a good farmers market. Unfortunately I couldn’t go this week because I have barely enough cash to buy a pound of potatoes. (Love them credit cards!)

Still, thought you would find this post on the Top Mistakes by Farmers Market Noobz at EcoSalon. Mistake #5 is forgetting cash. See? It’s a useful starting point for anybody wanting to get all the good spring produce that is just showing up….like strawberries, yum!


Do you want the receipt? NO!! May 6, 2010

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These days, if you use a credit card it’s easy to look up your transactions later. So if you’re just buying a smoothie, why take the receipt? It just wastes paper.

Well now there’s another reason not to take a receipt.

Receipts are coated in fine powder containing BPA, that icky chemical that has been getting so much bad press lately, as well as some close scrutiny from the FDA. And since it’s in powder form, you can inhale it easily. So next time someone offers you a receipt, try to turn it down if you can. Your health and a tree will thank you!

Read more here.


A simple guide to organic labels May 3, 2010

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Lot’s to rehash, as soon as I have time! Until then, thought I would throw up a useful link for you…

Because this stuff is confusing, and we could all use a little help to know what is meaningful (USDA organic, grass-fed) and what is hooey (all-natural, free range). Just because it’s sold in Whole Foods, doesn’t mean it’s a good choice!

The Common Sense Guide to “Organic” and Other Labels


How to buy only what you love and need April 21, 2010

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Buying less stuff will not only save you money, it will make you happier too! Less time dusting your chotchkies, fewer mornings rummaging through your closet and cringing at your shopping mistakes only to pull out your favorite sweater again, and a more zen peace of mind as you gaze at order around you.

I’m a seriousl cleaner-outer, as the roomie Vicki will tell you. I give way more than I receive on Freecycle, to the point where the doormen must think I’m dealing drugs, I’m so often meeting strangers in the lobby. But instead of weed, I pass over that expensive shirt I never wore, the lamp I decided I didn’t like, the curtains that I didn’t take the time to measure, so are too short for my window. All impulse buys that are money down the drain. They are things that clutter my life and mind, nagging me, “Why did you waste money on me? I’m such a crappy little useless thing!”

So I’m directing you to ReNests’s post on how to buy less stupid stuff. It includes gems like, “Learn to value experiences over stuff.” and “Approach sales calmly and rationally.” It’s very much worth a look.


Seeking Pleasure is a Losing Proposition April 11, 2010

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Elephant Journal is one of my favorite blogs. Even if you don’t practice yoga, it’s packed with insightful articles that urge you to live more mindfully. If you don’t hear that word often, “mindful,” you might take it literally: heedful, conscious. But in the yoga sense of the word, it means slowing down to enjoy the moment, makes choices thoughtfully, appreciating the joy and beauty that is in your life everyday.

I succumb to pleasure often, especially when it comes to food. I love tasty things, and often scarf down chocolate without savoring it. So I think I – and most Americans – could benefit from a careful reading of this article, which I’ve edited down here for you:

We all have desires for pleasures that are always enticing us… But we don’t have enough time and money to pursue them all. We think that if we have enough money, we will pursue all pleasures, fulfill all our desires and be happy. But interestingly, the pleasures are innumerable and never get over.  The number of pizzas we can consume is only limited by our stomach, not by the taste buds or pizza makers.

We don’t consume, we are consumed.

Desires never get over by pursuing them, but only by our conscious effort to get over them. Sure, if you eat five mega-size pizzas in one sitting, you may seem to have gotten over it. Or maybe not! It is your stomach rebelling, the tongue could still have had more of the taste! The desire never subsides on its own.

Desires are like the fire, the more ghee (butter) of pleasures you put in it, the stronger it grows. All the addicts of the world (addicted to anything – ice-cream, alcohol, drugs, sex, work, limelight …) will tell you that…

Read the rest here.