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Why Biking RULES April 30, 2010

Filed under: Lifestyle,productivity — Alden @ 9:38 pm

In honor of my brand new, beautiful bike, here are only a few of the reasons why biking is awesome:

1. It’s been proven faster to ride a bike in New York City  than taking a cab.

2. Bikes don’t pollute.

3. Bikes save tax money by reducing wear and tear on roads.

4. Biking makes you skinnier and healthier.  Depending on your riding style and local road conditions, you could easily burn 600 calories an hour through brisk cycling. Most bike commuters report losing 15 to 20 pounds during their first year in the saddle without changing their eating habits.

5. You can fit a dozen bicycles in one car parking space.

6. Studies show that bicycle commuters are happier, healthier, more productive, and require less time-off at work. This must be why my office is so bike-friendly!

7. What’s worse on a beautiful spring day than going down into the subway? Especially on the weekends when the subway is a mess anyway.

8. Bikes have a tiny manufacturing footprint compared to cars.

(Some of these are taken from 12 Reasons to Start Using a Bicycle for Transportation)