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Enter to Win Free Eco-Friendly Stuff! July 13, 2010

Living Echo is having contest. Just register at their website and you’re entered to win natural candles, chocolate, seed bombs, shea butter, or lip balm.

Living Echo is a website that allows you not only to shop for earth-friendly stuff, you can also rate companies, peruse articles on living greenly, and watch and post videos. It’s on my good list. 🙂


Where vintage meets hip: Barnstorming April 28, 2010

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When I was down in North Carolina a couple months back, my aunts and I took a drive through the rural area around Sanford. As we rounded a nothing-special corner, we passed by some barns that were beautifully painted. “Oooh, can we stop?” I asked. “I would love to take some pictures.”  Aunt Sally told me that the son of a local minister had come back home from New York City, brought some friends, and blitz the countryside with sophisticated graffiti. “He was in Southern Living,” Aunt Sally said.

Well, it’s even cooler than I thought. Turns out Barnstormers are a bunch of artists who have done internationally acclaimed work. I stumbled across a post about them on CoolHunting and was excited to see that Cameron, a podunk place in North Carolina, is the center for something so avant-garde.

From the Barnstormers website:

The Barnstormers are a collective of New York/Tokyo-based artists who create large-scale collaborative paintings, films and performances. The group formed in 1999 after a pilgrimage to the rural town of Cameron, North Carolina. During the trip, twenty-five artists painted dozens of barns, tractor-trailers, shacks and farm equipment. Consequently, the tiny tobacco farming community became the unlikely Mecca for the urban collective. To this day, the Barnstormers continue to interpret and communicate the visual, cultural, and spiritual awakenings inspired by their trips to the south.

I’ve posted the pictures I took here for you…


Look! My herbs are sprouting! March 14, 2010

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I bought some organic basil, oregano, rosemary, and parsley seeds from Seeds of Change a few weeks back, and I’m happy to say it looks like they are doing great!

I can’t wait to have a ready source of fresh herbs for my cooking. The payback should be great. Each packet was about $3.50, and I’m going to get a continuous source of organic, aromatic deliciousness.

This is also just in time, because the Washington Post reported Sunday that bottled herbs have been linked to salmonella outbreaks.


Tips from me to a friend… March 5, 2010

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Whitney Alexander King March 5 at 12:46pm

So I want to become more informed about eating healthy (I was reading your blog and was inspired, Alden) and enviro issues. Suggest blogs/websites to me?

Alden Wicker March 5 at 1:10pm

I’m SO GLAD you asked!

First read the book “The End of Overeating.” It’s SO enlightening. You’ll never look at packaged food and Friday’s the same. That combined with “In Defense of Food” totally changed my diet. I’m 10 pounds lighter than when I started reading about this stuff.

Grist is a very newsy but informative site, and definitely one of the most respected sustainable blogs out there. You’ll find current events along with issues that are really personal too. Tree Hugger is also a very well-respected green lifestyle site. – good for everyday tips. – she’s written a book, and knows her stuff.

Finally, buy the Joy of Cooking and use it! 🙂


Another reason to not eat sugar March 3, 2010

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I saw someone tweet about a new blog called “A Month without Monsanto.” That’s right, April Davila is trying to go a month consuming food that is “outside the grasp of Monsanto.” Dude, I admire this girl’s courage.

Do you know how hard it is to go a month without eating anything that profits Monsanto? If not, just read, say, two of her posts where she describes her herculean efforts to avoid Monsanto food, and you’ll get the idea. It’s not only fast food that contain GMO’s grown with Roundup. It’s even organic food, which is distributed by subsidiaries of Monsanto. In short, it’s almost impossible to know where that any of our food comes from. And that includes sugar, which is made from Roundup-ready beets and is found in products like Hershey bars.

This poor girl has been confined to eating:

Eggs from free roaming, grass and bug eating chickens
Wild caught fish
Organic dried fruits and nuts (except papaya, mango and melons)
Maple syrup.
Coconut meat/juice.

Really? That’s it? It goes to show how much our food decisions aren’t really our decisions. One of the takeaways from the blog, at least to me, is to hit up the farmers market, where you can look your farmer in the eye say, “So, where do you get your seeds from? Do you use Roundup?”

Just in case you are saying to yourself, “What is Monsanto? Why should I care?” Here are some links to reasons why you would want to avoid Monsanto:

Millions Against Monsanto

Suit Seeks to Bar Genetically Modified Sugar Beets

Ethical Investing on Monsanto

GE Alfalfa Threatens Organics

More US Weeds Found Resisting Monsanto Roundup

Growing Evidence that Chemical Agriculture is Killing US


Planning and cooking overwhelming? Try this. February 24, 2010

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So the Week of Eating in was going great (I’ll post photos!) until today. I got home last night and made pancakes, and when I woke up this morning, I realized I didn’t have any leftovers left. I didn’t even have stuff for a salad or sandwich! I also didn’t have time. So today I ate from the cafeteria. Boo.

Well, cooking all your meals takes planning! In that spirit, I’ll post this great website I found via Grist: offers a complete menu, shopping list and detailed game plan—from the time you walk in the door after work—each day for that night’s dinner (big fan of last week’s mushroom penne). I think its tool list is marvelous—from bare essentials to well-equipped—so you can make sure you have the necessary pots, pans, knives, bells, and whistles. If you don’t, no need to go out and buy tons of new stuff. Ask a friend about borrowing an item like a hand blender that you may not use often enough to own one yourself (I did this for the butternut squash soup—thanks, neighbor!). Or scour your local second-hand store for some cool, vintage-y measuring cups to cut cost and new materials.

I have yet to try it, but believe me, I plan to!


Donor’s Choose: more than just a charity December 28, 2009

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Isn’t it cute?? Last year for Christmas I donated to Donors Choose, a non-profit where teachers ask for donations so they can get much-needed supplies for their classroom. I donated enough for a whiteboard in Bud and Emily’s name, and this is what they got in return from the kids!