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OMG OMG I’m Famous! July 15, 2010

If you are a netizen, then I think you might have seen the barrage of hillaaaarious commercials coming from Old Spice. Well guess what my friends, my and the Old Spice Man are like this. (Crossed fingers.)

Here’s my original tweets, by the way:

Does the @oldspice guy’s vocal cords get tired from talking like that in like, a bajillion commercials?? My god.

Seriously, my throat hurts from just listening to him:

I know, right?? How exciting is that? They’ve been blitzing the internet, responding to tweets and YouTube comments within hours. But then my bubble got popped. Check it:

Ingredients in it are linked to cancer and may harm the brain, and, yes, the reproductive system. The ingredients in that product can lead to infertility, reproductive organ cancers, and birth defects. Doesn’t sound so manly to me.

[via Grist]

Ouch dude. I make fun of Mike enough for using Axe (comon babe, that’s for teenagers) but now I know that Old Spice will make my baby less of a man? No way. I don’t want him to smell like the man my man could smell like. Wait, what?

In summary, thanks for the entertainment and the shout out Old Spice, but I’ll pass on buying your product for MY man.


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