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Shoutout to Mah Homies! June 24, 2010

It’s always fun for a blogger to get a comment. OK, not ALWAYS fun. I got my first mean comment a couple weeks ago. But really, most of the time it’s such a great moment when someone took the time to read your post, think about it, and write a reply. So I want to recognize those awesome readers who did so.

Corey Gaber! (My number one thoughtful commenter, and a fellow alum of W&L) Find his comments on all of these posts:

The Downside of Loving the Environment

In Defense of Nerds

Sometimes Things Get Crazy, But in a Good Way

Blogging about Personal Stuff: is There a Right Way?

Jonathan Rogers: Another W&L alum and really nice guy. Check out his own blog here. He was nice enough to comment on these posts:

Food Washing: Like Greenwashing, but Grosser

UGH, I’m Never Taking a Taxi Again. EVER.

In Defense of Nerds

Peaches: I don’t know who she is, but she is the very epitome of what we want from commenters. She took offense to my post on Ocean City, yet took the time to correct me where I was wrong, defend her hometown, and didn’t resort to any personal attacks while doing it. Thanks Peaches!

Jen: Jen wrote a nice little response a little while back when I was trying to figure out who my readers are. She runs a blog about running a farm down in NC. Thanks for reading Jen!

Melissa: Love her blog! She runs a homestead too, and always has some thoughtful stuff to say. Thanks!

Cheryl: I tried out Cheryl’s recipe for french bread, and it didn’t work out so well. She gave me some advice on what might have gone wrong. Whoops! Shouldn’t have let it rise on the stove. She hasn’t been posting to her blog in a while, but I hope she starts again soon!

Other commenters:

Ashley Van (Great blog on eco fashion!)

Rob Favole: Check out his conscious shop Elegant Roots

That definitely isn’t everyone. But it really gave me a boost to look back over all the nice, supportive, and informative things friends and strangers alike have had to say. Keep reading, I do this for you!


One Response to “Shoutout to Mah Homies!”

  1. Corey Says:

    I would like to thank God, without him none of my brilliant comments would’ve been possible.

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