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Mmmmm, poop in your bottled water June 16, 2010

Let’s assume that you don’t mind paying a dollar or more for bottled water. And then let’s assume that you don’t really care about the millions of bottles floating in the ocean right now. Maybe this will get your attention:

“…bottles have been found to contain mold, sodium hydroxide, kerosene, styrene, algae, yeast, tetrahydrofuran, sand, fecal coliforms and other forms of bacteria, elevated chlorine, “filth,” glass particles, sanitizer, and, in my very favorite example, crickets.”

It’s because the testing standards for municipal water are extremely stringent, while those for bottled water are much less so. In fact, even if they discovered fecal coliforms (that’s poop, you guys) in bottled water sold at your local Sam’s Club, there might not even be a recall. You would never know you drank poop.

[via BoingBoing]

PS. They’ve found fecal coliforms in soda machines too. Maybe you should stop drinking soda as well… just a thought.


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