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BP’s Motto:DRIPPING with Sarcasm May 25, 2010

Beyond Petroleum. Indeed.

I fancy myself a fairly good writer, but I’m not sure I can express my feelings about the Oil Spill. In fact, “spill” seems not really worthy of this event. Let’s try some wordplay shall we?




Oiltorious BIG…. maybe not.

The wordplay about the huge snowstorm this winter was amusing, but in the end, the snow just melted away. It’s gone, and with the heat wave outside in New York City, it almost seems like it never happened.

Not so with this disaster. It will stay and stay and stay. Even after 21 years, the effects of the Exxon Valdez disaster still lingers, even establishing a new area called the Death Marsh. Well, New Death Marsh is on its way. Why do I hear no one talk about this? Why is there not outrage except on some blogs that I follow? I see talk on TV, but it just hasn’t quite sunk in yet…

Maybe it’s because we still don’t know what will happen. How can we scream bloody murder while we are holding our breath? How much oil? When will it stop? Can it be stopped? How many animals will die? Will we ever have shrimp from the gulf again?

Like I said, I’m just not sure how to process this yet. But I do know I want to do something. I’m going to start by getting one of the t-shirts above, proceeds of which go to the Gulf Restoration Network. You can do the same, or just make a donation  here. Please do!


One Response to “BP’s Motto:DRIPPING with Sarcasm”

  1. Ian Says:

    Hows about changing that T shirt wording to BP cares on the front with a big black oil patch on the back with white words OR DOES IT ?

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