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The Bronx Zoo’s Response to My Email Requesting Better Food Options May 10, 2010

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Thank you for sharing your comments with us; I have forwarded your email to the Director of Restaurant Services.  Our Restaurants Department makes a conscious effort to offer our guests a wide variety of choices, and our menus are re-evaluated on a regular basis based on guest feedback.  We have increased our fresh and healthy choices over the past few years in response to guest requests, and offer salads, wraps, yogurt, whole fruit, and other grab-and-go items for those who want to eat more healthfully during their visits.  At the New York Aquarium, we have also introduced the use of sustainable seafood at the Seaside Café to tie in to the messages that we convey in our Aquatheater shows.  We tested the use of organic ingredients at the Central Park Zoo, but found that our guests were not willing to pay more for these products, which have a higher cost to us.  Therefore, though we would like to be able to use more of these products, we need to offer choices that appeal to the tastes and the wallets of the majority of our guests.


Jennifer Bitters

Assistant Director of Guest Relations


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