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Oooh Pretty! Should I Get This New Bedding? May 10, 2010

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You know, up until a little while ago, I thought that my stay in NYC would be fairly short. Not more than two years at the outside. Now everything is up in the air, and I’m admitting to myself how much I am deeply in love with this city. So, yeah, I’m going to be here for a while.

Which brings me to the topic of this post. Bedding. Right now I have a set that I am in love with. I bought in three years ago in Nice, France. It’s colorful, bright, unique, and…. in terrible condition. The cats have rent holes in it, which I patched, after which they ripped more. There are permanent marker stains, and mascara stains, and….other….stains….

Hey! I was a college student! Don’t judge.

Then there is the fact that underneath my beautiful comfortor, I have hot pink Wal-Mart sheets. I think I’m too old for hot pink Wal-Mart sheets, don’t you? I’m sure all the poison has leached out of them and into my skin by now – the damage is done –  but it would still be nice to get higher quality ones. Now that I think I’m going to be here a while, maybe it’s time to upgrade.

So considering all this, do you think I should stick it out with my current bedding set and keep patching it and loving it? Or do you think I should buy these:

Beautiful, aren’t they? I found them on Re-Nest. They’re 100% organic, naturally dyed. And they would go perfectly in my room, with the turquoise furniture and neon-spring-80’s green walls. (I did not paint the walls. They came this way. I WILL MAKE DO!)

It’s $200 for the comforter set, which comes with the bed skirt and shams; $40 for a decorator pillow, and $90 for the sheet set. Dont’ worry – I don’t want the matching window treatments. That might make me nauseous.

Here are two other factors to keep in mind: I would have to let go of my beautiful Anthropology pillow, because it wouldn’t match. And there is a real possibility that the cats will do what they do best: claw holes in it. But maybe that is just happening because my current set is so old and worn…?

So what do you think? Worth it? Too much green? Too generic? Ahhh I’m torn!


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