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Where vintage meets hip: Barnstorming April 28, 2010

Filed under: Cool sites,shoutout — Alden @ 5:43 pm

When I was down in North Carolina a couple months back, my aunts and I took a drive through the rural area around Sanford. As we rounded a nothing-special corner, we passed by some barns that were beautifully painted. “Oooh, can we stop?” I asked. “I would love to take some pictures.”  Aunt Sally told me that the son of a local minister had come back home from New York City, brought some friends, and blitz the countryside with sophisticated graffiti. “He was in Southern Living,” Aunt Sally said.

Well, it’s even cooler than I thought. Turns out Barnstormers are a bunch of artists who have done internationally acclaimed work. I stumbled across a post about them on CoolHunting and was excited to see that Cameron, a podunk place in North Carolina, is the center for something so avant-garde.

From the Barnstormers website:

The Barnstormers are a collective of New York/Tokyo-based artists who create large-scale collaborative paintings, films and performances. The group formed in 1999 after a pilgrimage to the rural town of Cameron, North Carolina. During the trip, twenty-five artists painted dozens of barns, tractor-trailers, shacks and farm equipment. Consequently, the tiny tobacco farming community became the unlikely Mecca for the urban collective. To this day, the Barnstormers continue to interpret and communicate the visual, cultural, and spiritual awakenings inspired by their trips to the south.

I’ve posted the pictures I took here for you…


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