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How to buy only what you love and need April 21, 2010

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Buying less stuff will not only save you money, it will make you happier too! Less time dusting your chotchkies, fewer mornings rummaging through your closet and cringing at your shopping mistakes only to pull out your favorite sweater again, and a more zen peace of mind as you gaze at order around you.

I’m a seriousl cleaner-outer, as the roomie Vicki will tell you. I give way more than I receive on Freecycle, to the point where the doormen must think I’m dealing drugs, I’m so often meeting strangers in the lobby. But instead of weed, I pass over that expensive shirt I never wore, the lamp I decided I didn’t like, the curtains that I didn’t take the time to measure, so are too short for my window. All impulse buys that are money down the drain. They are things that clutter my life and mind, nagging me, “Why did you waste money on me? I’m such a crappy little useless thing!”

So I’m directing you to ReNests’s post on how to buy less stupid stuff. It includes gems like, “Learn to value experiences over stuff.” and “Approach sales calmly and rationally.” It’s very much worth a look.


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