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You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for… April 12, 2010

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Ice Cream! As my wonderful southern Nana used to say, as we drove to the only ice cream shop in Sandford, North Carolina. Nana never got anything, because she’s on a perpetual diet of wheat thins, bless her heart. Papa always got mint chocolate chip. And I never got the same thing twice.

Every fourth of July Nana would break out the ice cream maker for vanilla bean ice cream. This wasn’t your fancy electric ice cream maker. This big metal container with wooden slats on the outside used a hand crank. We would sit on the back flagstone steps and crank and crank. Oh man, was that ice cream good over blackberry cobbler.

In that spirit of experimentation and handmade goodness, I present to you MilkMade, a hand-made, hand-delivered ice cream company in New York City. You sign up for three months, with a pint delivered each month right to your front door. This month you could choose one of two flavors – I went for brown sugar and peanut butter. Then I opted for a late-night delivery on Wednesday.

On Tuesday I got a reminder email, and all I could think about for the next two days was that pint of homemade ice cream. I managed to get out of work before 8:30 on Wednesday  so I could get home before 9 and be there for delivery. (They don’t leave pints with doormen. Probably because you would never get it!)

10:00 came and went. Then 11:00, at which point I had been assured the ice cream would be delivered. At 11:32 I got this text:

Hi from milkmade. we are so so sorry but we are running late tonight. is it possible to reschedule for tomorrow or Friday? thanks and again we apologize!! <00

I would have been happy to reschedule, but I knew I wouldn’t be home all day Thursday or Friday. I told them that, and they sent me another text saying they had worked it out. I wasn’t pissed, really. They use a bike to deliver, and I didn’t expect stellar service. After all, they are obviously a tiny company. Finally, a little after midnight, my doorman buzzed me. I rushed downstairs in my slippers. A smiling, tall blond in an embellished tank and jorts introduced herself as Katie and handed me my pint.

When I got back upstairs, I couldn’t help but taste a few spoonfuls. Delicious! But, delicious enough to pay $16.67 a pint? That’s right, it’s $50 four three months, a pint a month. Ouch!

I would say that this is delicious ice cream, two days fresh, and hand delivered, but $16.67? That’s more than Haagen Dazs even. Plus the whole tailoring my schedule around delivery… hmmm. If you work from home, or get home from work at a reasonable time, and are an ice cream aficionado, go for it. But I think I will cap my membership at one month.

Oh, you say you want to try a bite? Sorry, I already ate it all!


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