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Yup, I’m just being sustainable for the status. April 6, 2010

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Um, not really.

But many people are, according to this study from the University of Minnesota. They found that people will forgo luxury and comfort for items that are green and pricier, but only if other people can see it.

Well, there you have it. It stands to reason that as a person who blogs about being sustainable, I am only being sustainable because I blog about it. (Wait, was that circular reasoning?)

This model is superior because she is wearing organic clothing, obvi.

Yes, blogging about my life does keep me accountable. I’ve often thought to myself, “Shoot, I’m going to have to admit that I ate those 6 White Castle burgers on my blog.”

But at the same time, I’m not going out of my way to attend local food events, to needle my roommate to recycle her stuff, and to scour the shelves of Staples for pens made of recycled plastic, just so people will like me. I honestly believe in what I’m doing, and it’s my way of feeling relevant and helpful at a time when I’m not volunteering anywhere, nor working at a job that one would call world-changing.

And if you truly believe in being sustainable beyond just buying products that have a leaf motif plastered all over it, than that can lead to some unpopular decisions. Any regular reader knows the almost daily struggle I have between the side of me that likes to be spontaneous and fun, (“Sure! Toss me a Coors!”), the side that wants to be fashionable (“Does Banana Republic sell sustainable cashmere sweaters?”) and the side of me that wants to be consistent and true to my beliefs (“No thanks, I don’t eat hot dogs, even if it IS Fourth of July.”)

Look, I’m not judging you if you just buy Method because the packaging looks pretty and altruistic up there on your bathroom shelf. In fact, I applaud the fact that being sustainable has become a sort of fashion statement, at least in some circles. So fashion-statement on, you guys! Buy that Prius instead of an SUV! Stock up on organic food for your dinner parties, and snatch up vintage frocks. You are my kind of social climber.


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