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Happy Easter! April 4, 2010

In my Easter basket from Scott:

1 chocolate crab (mini. Apparently they sell regulation size “keepers”: 5.5 inches across)

1 peanut butter egg

2 chocolate covered oreos

1 iPod (a reference to my iPhone which Scott is always trying to pry out of my fingers for 5 seconds)

1 chocolate covered Twinkie.

1 VHS of Romeo & Juliet, my favorite movie! We’re going to watch it later today.

Scott texted me a couple days back and said that he found something he thought I would like, but wasn’t sure I would eat. I told him to go ahead and get it, and discovered today that it was the Twinkie, the symbol of all that is chemically processed. Whatever, I ate it. At least he reused an old basket? Plus that Twinkie was delicious. Don’t judge.

Everything was from two local chocolate shops on the Eastern Shore: Oh My Chocolate and Chesapeake Chocolate. Check out their websites, especially Oh My Chocolate. That place has a lot of goodies that makes me both disappointed I did not get them all (hello chocolate covered Nutter Butters and chocolate and marshmallow caramel apples!), and grateful that Scott had the foresight to edit the selection. Or else his girlfriend would make herself sick on chocolate!


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