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I call it Hoohoo March 25, 2010

I’ve been pondering whether I want to post, online, for the world to see, about this particular product for a while. But this great ad campaign out of the UK finally gives me a great excuse.

The campaign is called Love Your Vagina, by Mooncup. You can go to the website and tell them your name for your “Lady Bits.” Or just peruse some of the monikers you’ll find there. Some of my favorites? “Downtown Dining and Entertainment District,” “Boubidibou,” and “Boy Howdy.” Cute, right?

Anyway, you should give it a gander not just because the ad campaign is cute, but because reusable menstrual cups are awesome. I actually use the Diva Cup, but it’s the same thing. A reusable cup is better for your “Cha Cha,” better for the environment, and better for your wallet. Just think of all those products you’ll use and throw away in your lifetime. No thanks. Plus I never have to worry about stuffing my purse full of emergency supplies. Oh, and it’s super comfy, super reliable, and perfectly sanitary. It’s better than putting some bleached cotton up in your “Devil’s Purse,” some of which might get left behind. YICK.

Ok, I’m posting this. TMI? Maybe. But I think any girl, not just eco-friendly ones, should know about this gem of a product. Your “Peachy Pocket,” will thank you.

(You can get one at Whole Foods or order online.)


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