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Ahhh temptation everywhere! March 24, 2010

So how about that Clean Program I’m on? Well…you know me. My will power is more like will do-whatever-I-feel-like.

I actually was very good about it this weekend. And I saw the results in 3 1/2 pounds gone in a week when I weighed myself Monday morning. But last night when I got home I discovered Reese’s ice cream in the freezer. Done. Over.

Ok, start over the next day!

So as I sat today in an interminable noon meeting, I was trying to figure out to keep myself awake without the aid of the forbidden caffeine. First I just tried the subtle head-shake technique. I figured out that wasn’t working when I started dreaming about skiing down an ice cream slope. Ok, not really, but my eyes were sagging and I was sure my superiors were getting a kick out of the new girl whose head kept pitching forward.

I was pinching my arm when  I perked up at the not-so-subtle scent of pizza. A delivery man with five fresh pizzas from a local pizza place and a bag full of diet cokes entered, spreading his tasty wares out on the table and setting the sodas down. Mmmmm, diet Coke. It was frosty and delicious looking, and just the perk I needed to make it through another hour of that meeting.

When they signaled a break from the meeting, everyone moved to get a piece of pizza. I watched them go. I stayed stubbornly in my seat and swigged from my Sigg. I fidgeted. I eyed my neighbor’s white cheese and tomato pizza. I sighed. I listened to Coke cans crack open up and down the table. But I persevered through another hour until 1:00 and went straight down to the cafeteria for something from the salad bar.

So when I got home tonight, I rewarded myself of course, for my wonderful willpower. I made myself a healthy shake from the Clean Program, some almond butter, some dried cranberries, and snuck one of Scott’s chicken wings. (He took them away. Because he loves me that much.)

Hey, actually, that’s not that bad. I had this idea in my head that I totally binged, but I guess I did ok.

What I’ve discovered so far about the Clean Program, is that my body is very sensitive to whether I follow it or not. When I follow it, I drop 1 to 2 pounds in a day. When I don’t, I gain back 1 to 2 pounds. The point, though, is to shed toxins, not necessarily fat. My skin was gorgeous last week, but it’s back up to its old tricks.

I paid a lot of money for this program, so I better make sure to do this, and do it right.

Will power, Alden! Will power!


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