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Day 2 of the Clean Program: getting better, but still hungry! March 17, 2010

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This morning I hit upon a delicious smoothie in which I can put my supplements that doesn’t break any of the many rules. I can’t put in dairy or soy, sugar, honey, orange juice, apple juice, or bananas. But I can put in frozen berries, pure pomegranate juice, raw agave nectar, and almond milk. The result was fantastic, and almost completely masked the gritty powder taste. So no gagging, thankfully.

I also didn’t feel so poorly today. Though that may be because I missed my lunch supplements, which I’ll talk about later.

But I’m not doing the program perfectly. Sure, I haven’t eaten anything that is off my list, though it is tempting. Yesterday I got an email saying some girls on the 9th floor were having a bake sale fundraiser. I would have loved to support them! But alas, that is SO off the list.

Where I am not doing so well is:

1. Exercise. Like usual, crazy work is giving me hardly enough time to sleep, much less get a good workout in, so I haven’t been able to sweat out the toxins. My workout is my 15 minute brisk walk to work every morning. Pathetic.

2. My nightly almond butter binges. Ha, I know right? You’re like, “Wtf, Alden. Almond butter binges?” Yeah, well, if all you had to eat was two fruit shakes and a lunch of chicken and quinoa, you would be hungry too! Tonight and last night I had my shakes, and then pulled out the almond butter, just for a taste, and ended up spooning it into my mouth like a fat kid with a forbidden tub of chocolate icing. I bought that $14 jar on Sunday, and it’s almost half gone! I mean, almond butter is technically ok, but I think eating a fifth of the jar in one sitting might be frowned upon.

3. I forgot my lunch/supplements today. Vicki and I left the apartment the same time, and in all the chatter I forgot my lunch! Luckily the cafeteria at work had quinoa and chicken. I had to walk past the stir fry station, pizza station, burger station, pasta station, and St. Patrick’s Day themed cupcakes, but I did it! I still missed my lunch supplements though. Poopy.

I will say this – in between yesterday morning and this morning my weight dropped by two pounds. Woah!


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