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An Update from OrganicDirect and Groupon March 16, 2010

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Earlier post here.

Hi Ruth,

We are very sorry to announce that Organic Direct has informed us that they will not be able to fulfill your order because they are not able to handle the high demand.  Initially they believed they would be able to handle this volume of new customers, but quickly discovered this was not something they could do.  We have received a list from Organic Direct of those customers who have not and will not be able to redeem their Organic Direct Groupon and we are issuing you a refund to your credit card.

I assure you that we do our best to anticipate these situations, but in this case we fell short.  We feel the least we can do is provide each of you with a $5 Groupon credit along with your refund.  We deeply apologize for any frustration that this may have caused you and we hope your next Groupon experience is a more successful one.


Groupon Customer Support


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