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How my “no sugar” month is going so far. March 12, 2010

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Not very well.

What I’m trying to convey with the quotation marks in the title is that there actually has been sugar. In fact, there has been an embarrassingly large amount.

At the beginning of the month I went about 5 days without sugar, except for a little corn syrup in some pretzels. (Sneaky bastards.)

Then the St. Patrick’s Day fiasco happened.

Ok, sugar happens. But then I got right back on track, right?

Wrong. On Sunday Vicki offered me some sugary candy, and I accepted. In fact, I did her the favor of finishing the bag. Then yesterday Vicki offered me a cookie, and not only did I eat it, I got off my butt and poured myself some milk to go along with it. Oh the shame!

You know, I say those words a lot.  “The Shame!” I know all this stuff is bad for me. Fast food, sugar, processed food, crappy hamburgers…it all sucks. So does not recycling, taking a cab, buying new clothing when I have a closet-full, and accepting plastic bags at the grocery store. Yet, I threw my food container in the trash today, took a cab home, and bought a t-shirt and skirt at H&M a couple weeks ago.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, being eco-friendly is like going on a diet that impacts every part of your life. It takes practice to change your lifestyle. It also takes courage to say to your roommate, colleagues and friends “No thanks, I’ll walk to the subway.” or “I would rather not have pizza, I’ll order something else for myself.” or “Could you hold on a minute? I need to go find a recycling bin for this.”

But I’m going to keep trying! I want to be that “green girl” in the office. I want to be the one who elicits comments like “Oh, Alden won’t go for the pizza. She doesn’t eat processed food.” I will embrace freaking out when I see my boss dump a perfectly good gift basket in the trash, and I will yank it out of the trash and say “I’m sure someone would love this.” (I did that, and he looked at me like I had two heads. Oh, well. I’m embracing it.)

So in that spirit, “No Sugar Month” is still on!

It takes three weeks to break out of a food addiction. I only have two weeks left in the month, so I’m going to start over. My new goal? Make it to Easter without any sugar. I’ll have a whole bag of Reese’s eggs on Easter, but until then, consider it a late-comer’s Lent against sugar.


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