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Ugh, Housework…or…Yum, Housework! February 27, 2010

Filed under: shoutout,Tips — Alden @ 5:44 pm

I like this post from Old Recipe for a New World that questions the idea that housework, and the everyday business of life, is tedious:

Selected excerpts from the introduction to Laurel’s Kitchen

(it’s called The Keeper of the Keys, but I think of it as the Manifesto of the Mighty Homemaker):

“I have begun to wonder, of late, about this belief that housework is essentially tedious. To what extent do you suppose it has been hoisted upon us by those same commercial interests who so obligingly provide us with dishwashers, dehydrated dinners, and disposable diapers – all meant very generously, of course, to relieve us of all that horrible work, obviously an evil in itself?”

I agree with her here. I don’t find washing dishes so bad. I especially don’t mind cooking, baking bread, seeing a freshly cleaned bathroom that sparkles, or doing little DIY projects around the apartment to make it more homey.

If you see housework as a time to enjoy and contemplate the fact that you have a home and it’s a nice place, you can more readily give up things like clothes dryers, bread makers, housekeepers, and other wastes of money and resources. It’s all in the way you look at it I guess.


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