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The Week of Eating In: Stir-fry and 9 reasons to f** fast food February 25, 2010

Filed under: experiment,Food — Alden @ 7:04 pm

First read this great post on why eating in is awesome, via HuffPo Green.

K, done? Awesome. I made stir-fry last night, by combining several recipes on epicurious, and it’s pretty good! Here’s what I used:

  • Two tablespoons soy sauce (already had)
  • One tablespoon of cranberry honey (already had)
  • One tablespoon of lemon zest (Whole Foods)
  • One organic, free range chicken breast, sliced into strips (farmers market)
  • Two tablespoons all purpose flour (already had)
  • One green pepper, chopped (already had)
  • One onion, chopped (farmers market)
  • Four shitake mushrooms, sliced (farmers market)
  • One cup of tiny, water-chestnut-like tubers (farmers market)
  • Two tablespoons sesame oil (already had)
  • Two garlic cloves, run through a garlic press (already had)
  • One 1-inch piece of ginger, diced (Whole Foods)

I combined the soy sauce, honey, and lemon zest and tossed the chicken strips in it to marinade. The recipe called for orange zest and also sherry, so I improvised. Also, I accidentally mistook the sesame oil for the soy sauce, so the marinade had oil in it too. Oh well, no biggy. I stuck the chicken in the fridge to marinate while I cleaned up the big mess left by my earlier cooking disasters in the week.

When it was done marinating, I pulled the chicken out and put it in a wok with more sesame oil to fry it. I added flour, garlic and ginger to the marinade and stirred it up before setting it aside.

Into the wok went the pepper, tubers, onion, then a little later, the mushrooms. Finally, I poured the marinade over everything  and put it in a bowl.

Ugh, but I wasn’t even hungry at this point. It was past 10:00 p.m., and I had been snacking on my homemade chocolate icing and peanut butter. Uhhh, whoops.

Anyway, I had it for lunch today, as you can see above. And it was delish!

Don’t you dare copy my recipe exactly. This is all about using what you already have to make a great meal, and as you can see, several of the ingredients were just waiting to be cleaned out of my pantry and fridge. That, my friends, is the beauty of stir-fry.


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