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The Week of Eating in: Quinoa salad is versatile, easy, and yummy! February 25, 2010

Filed under: experiment,Food — Alden @ 2:43 am

I’m forcing myself to eat my yeasty bread. Dipping it in cranberry honey covers the taste fairly well, I’d say, and I have some ideas for next time I attempt it. But the above recipe? A unqualified success!

It helps that this is super simple to make. It’s quinoa salad, as found on EcoSalon. What makes it so versatile, though, is that like any salad, you can throw in basically anything that lends itself to a sweet taste. The recipe called for pumpkin seeds, but I put in blanched, sliced almonds I had on hand, plus some sliced carrots, both of which I threw in the pot with the quinoa while it boiled. It took me all of fifteen minutes, and the result was delicious.

The recipe also says it serves six to eight, but I found it made three full meals for me. I wasn’t being a fatty either, I swear. It needs a protein with it, I’d say. Chicken would do nicely.

Right now I’m marinating chicken to put in a stir-fry. I’ll let you know how it turns out!


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