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I KNOW I KNOW, I’m a hypocrite February 22, 2010

I don’t bike. I don’t compost. I often forget to unplug electronics. And in some cases, I don’t unplug at all.

I think all these things are important, I just don’t do them. And I’m just like a large chunk of the population apparently.

Via Tree Hugger: A study done by the Yale University Project on Climate Change. Blue represents the people who think the eco-friendly action is important and do it. Grey is people who don’t think it’s important. And red? Those are the people who think it’s important, but fail to do it.

I mean, this doesn’t really surprise me. As much as we want to make changes, sometimes it can be really hard. Biking to work requires a bike, a fairly short commute, and a safe bike lane or trail – three things many Americans just don’t have. And some of this stuff is just so annoying.

Even though I fall in the red area of some of these, I’m making progress. I do do these things:

  • Use public transportation. (Except when I’m in Maryland.)
  • Buy locally grown food. (When I get around to it.)
  • Use reusable shopping bags. (Always!)
  • Reduce trash (Somewhat.)
  • Carry own beverage container (Yup.)
  • Recycle at home (Of course.)
  • Conserve water. (Not really, no.)
  • Raise thermostat in summer and lower it in winter. (Ha, if I had a thermostat. I regulate through opening windows.)
  • Reduce new purchases. (I opted out of Gilte Group. Happy?)
  • Reuse things. (I try!)
  • Wash laundry in cold water. (Dunno, that’s not an option on our building’s machine.)
  • Turn off unneeded lights. (Sure, who doesn’t?)

Look, being sustainable can be really hard. Especially when so many times you feel like you are swimming against the tide. But in the words of Dory: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…”


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