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Bikram yoga is getting better! February 8, 2010

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I made it back to Bikram Yoga yesterday, finally. I haven’t been taking as much advantage of the month-long special.Work is crazy right now, so if I’m at the office from 9 to 9, there really is no time for anything else but sleeping.

The class was super-crowded again. The instructor came in and informed us that since some people who had signed in on the internet showed up late, after their spots were given away, we now had 45 people in the class to accommodate them. (I showed up about 30 seconds before they gave my spot away. I really do hate the New York subway.)

I felt a little guilty because the Groupon people are the ones who are crowding the classes up. But my neighbors didn’t seem to mind, they seemed more interested in the concept of Groupon than in what it was doing to their yoga experience.

I made sure to grab a place close to the outside of the room, about four people over. The instructor had a different style of teaching. She was hard on me: “Lock your knees, Alden, you have to lock them more!” she said in her thick slavic(?) accent. I felt myself get angry at what felt like hectoring, but I calmed myself. You can’t get mad in yoga, it defeats the whole point!

At 45 minutes I did a quick self assessment. This was about the time in the last class when I started to feel nauseous and dizzy, something the Bikram literature assures me is quite normal. But this time I was still feeling strong and healthy.

It helped that later on the instructor cracked the door. You could literally see the cold air mixing with the humid air inside the room, creating a fog, and as I lay on the ground, stretching, it floated over me like a scene out of a graveyard. Oh, but it felt so good.

I was a much happier person at the end of my class yesterday. I had made it through just fine, and bounced out of the room without feeling like I had come close to drowning. It helped that I focused more on the proper breathing technique.

The best part? Today I can feel that delicious soreness that accompanies a good workout in my shoulders, butt, and hip flexors.

Unfortunately I have to fly down to North Carolina tonight for a funeral (I’ll write more about that later), so no yoga for a couple of days. I hope I can fit in a bunch of more classes before the month is up, so I can make an informed decision about whether I want to pay for it for the long-term.

A yearly package costs $1,525. That is $127 per month, (slightly lower than the $130 per unlimited month for a 6-month package and a lot lower than the flat $180 per unlimited month) and about $32 a week. Let’s say I go three times a week. That means I’m paying more than $10 a session. Is it worth it? I need to do more research and then I’ll get back to you on that…


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