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Conversation with a Post Employee February 7, 2010

Filed under: Food — Alden @ 2:24 am

I was having a conversation with a friend after touch football this afternoon. We were at Popeye’s. Yeah, I know.

He insisted we go there to get a bite to eat, since we had been drinking. I succumbed and asked for a biscuit. Man, those things are tasty. Anyway, we got to talking, and he told me he works at Post. Here was the most interesting part: he said that the marketing division at post can say to the food scientists, “We want a cereal with this many calories, this much calcium, fat, and vitamins.” And the food scientists can go do it. They put together a food according to the specifications of the marketing division.

“I used to feel uncomfortable about it,” he said. “But we are really just giving people what they want. When we made fruity pebbles less sugary and a little bit healthier, people didn’t buy so much.”

Update: I forgot to add the most interesting part! He told me that ‘Nilla Wafers, which I fondly recall from my youth, don’t have any vanilla left in them. They’ve engineered it all out!!


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