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The Gio Salon February 5, 2010

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As I wandered the Union Square farmers market, looking for food and then Christmas presents oh so long ago, a girl in her twenties approached me. “Excuse me,” she said. “Who does your hair?”

I raised my hand self-consciously to my not-so-great bob. She actually liked my hair?

“Well, this salon in SoHo, but I don’t really like how they did it.”

“Oh that’s perfect,” she said. “Because I have this special offer…”

I considered running away, but I’m too nice to do that. (I guess I’m not a “real” New Yorker yet) I ended up buying a $60 offer from Gio Salon that gave me rights to a haircut, highlights, conditioning treatment, blow dry and finish, and neck and shoulder massage. (That last “service” is BS, but whatever.) That’s $20 less than what I was paying for just a haircut at my salon.

I was pretty skeptical. After all, if the salon felt the need to practically give away their product, it couldn’t be that good, right??

Well, I was pleasantly surprised.

Gio Salon is in a tiny little hole-in-the-wall at 21st and 8th Avenue. It couldn’t be much bigger than my bedroom. When I walked in it was abuzz with several hairdressers fluttering around their clients, and more girls sitting on a couch and reading with foils in their hair.

They quickly set me up with a shampoo and rinse, and gave me to a hairdresser that looked like he spends more time in the gym pumping iron that snipping women’s hair. But he was a sweetheart, and listened carefully to what I wanted, and soon I was flipping through a magazine while he snipped away.

Two seats down I watched a stylist do some final primping on a dark-haired girl with dark, silky, long hair and straight bangs. Love! And then another gorgeous girl walked past, her rich brown hair done in those perfect it-almost-could-be-natural curls of a lingerie model.

The end result of my haircut? Adorable! I’ve been through two haircuts in pursuit of the perfect bob, but here — this was it. I thanked him warmly, tipped him accordingly, and decided that I would refer anyone there who needs a haircut.

AND I still have this coupon that I can give to anyone who wants free highlights! None of my friends or coworkers highlight their hair… so who wants it?


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