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An Conscious Consumer’s Manifesto January 30, 2010

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We, the eaters of the United States of America, hold the truths to be self evident (even if food producers think they aren’t):

That we have the right to know what is in our food.

We have the right to know what ingredients are in our food – whether it contains Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or nature-made organisms, whether the ingredients were engineered by a lab technician or grown by a farmer, whether the meat we eat has hormones or antibiotics or just meat, and whether plants we consume are coated with pesticides or just rainwater.

We the eaters have the right to know how that food was made – whether it was made in a kitchen or in a factory, whether it was fertilized by synthetic fertilizer or manure and sunshine, whether it was raised in a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) or on a green pasture.

We the eaters have the right to know from how far away that food came – whether it was shipped in a truck, train, the back of a trailer, or even in a horse and buggy. We have the right to know when the food was picked or slaughtered, when it was processed, and how long it sat in a warehouse, on a shelf, or in a truck before we get our hands on it.

We the eaters have a right to question, critique, and challenge outdated conventions about how and when food is served. We have a right to know all information, data, statistics, and findings on the health, safety, environmental and economic effects of the food we consume. We have the right to gather, learn, and disseminate this information free from interference by special interests and corporations.We have the right to rebel against unhealthy eating habits foisted upon us by others, or just politely say “No thank you.”

We the people have the right to understand all the ingredients that are on food labels. We have the right to be able to know what food ingredients are – without a degree in chemistry, or a constantly updated dictionary of food terms that are created by the food industry to mask its food engineering.

We the eaters of America, have a right to protect our children from misleading and manipulative food marketing, to not have to fight an uphill battles against the messages they see everyday, from the breakfast table, to the street, to the schools, to daily activities. We have the right to shape our childrens’ health without interference from those who seek to make a profit off of them.

Most importantly of all, we, the eaters of America, have the right to access fresh food from our own states, towns, neighborhoods, and neighbors, whether we are rich or poor, educated or laymen, liberal or conservative, urban or rural. We have the right to choose to buy food from our neighbors and our local farms, even if they do not conform to the safety standards designed with large scale food operations in mind.

All of these rights we hold to be self-evident, and the natural order of things.

Whether the food producers agree or not.


One Response to “An Conscious Consumer’s Manifesto”

  1. stacey Says:

    This is lovely! I hope you share it far and wide . . . especially with your elected officials. Great post.

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