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I’m a real grown-up now… January 5, 2010

Filed under: events,Tips — Alden @ 4:17 am

Because I have my first real job! I started today at Ogilvy & Mather, a global ad agency based in New York. My team is great, and I’ve liked everyone I met so far. The vibe of this place just seems to fit.

And guess what? That’s right – Ogilvy is going GREEN. Plates, cups, and utensils from post-consumer waste. A bike program and bike parking. Discounts for bringing your own coffee mug. And a new division called Ogilvy Earth. Love it! I’m so glad I’m working at a company that is taking this stuff seriously. My only complaint is that they just moved into their new headquarters, and I haven’t heard a word about their being LEED certified. Grey Worldwide, another agency, just moved into their LEED certified digs, by way of comparison.

Still, I think Ogilvy and I will get along just fine. It’s a pretty cool place.

But I had some things to do to green my working experience. After I got off today I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some groceries. (Short aside: When am I going to go to the Farmer’s Market now that I’m working??) Along with Kale and shrimp for dinner, I got an adorable insulated lunch bag and a bamboo utensil set to take to work. I have some leftovers from dinner and I’m going to take them in with me tomorrow.

When it gets tolerably warm, like, above freezing, I’ll look into getting a bike so I can cruise down Riverside park to work. I’ll have to cross only two lanes of traffic in my whole commute, and it’s only a little over 4 miles I think. Totally doable.

And not that inconvenient in comparison to my other option: the Subway. Ogilvy is located on 11th Ave and 47th street, two-thirds of a mile away from the subway station. It’s a long walk in nice weather when I’m wearing heels. It’s an especially long walk right now as the wind tries to freeze me like a TV dinner. But I’ll keep walking it for now, because I refuse to take the Ogilvy shuttle bus, on principle.

Wish me luck y’all!


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  1. […] I’m in my second week of work. As I mentioned earlier, Ogilvy is well on its way to greendom. Though there’s some other things to be done. […]

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