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Happy New Years! January 1, 2010

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I hope you had a great New Years Eve – I definitely did. “What did you do?” you might ask. “Party in a hot NYC bar? Drink your face off at a friend’s apartment?”  Nope. I made a delicious dinner of pork tenderloin and buttery brussel sprouts for dinner for Scott and I. For dessert we shared a vanilla caramel cupcake, a la Whole Foods. Then, while I drank half a bottle of champagne, we watched the football game and snuggled on the couch.

I’ve obviously done a lot of New Years – in clubs, bars, friend’s houses, and even in a resort in Belize. But this year was by far my favorite. I was with my most favorite person in the world for that midnight kiss, when we could hear fireworks going off in the distance.

I’ve been so supremely happy for the past few weeks. I have everything I want in my life: a new, promising job, a boyfriend who loves me, a warm and adorable apartment with an awesome roommate, a loving family, and my health. 2009 was a shaky year for the world, but for me, it was nothing but wonderful.

So what is your resolution this year? A lot of people pledge to lose weight. Mine is tangentially related to weight loss. But that would just be a happy side effect. My resolution is to stop eating processed foods. No more candy bars, donuts, pizza, mass-produced bread, and as little brand name food items as possible from the grocery store. F soda! F cereals with dubious health claims! Bring on the fruits and vegetables, homemade bread, grass-fed and humanely raised meat and milk, and desserts that I’ve lovingly created myself.

I’m hoping that by shopping more at the farmers market, and saying to myself – like I did at my friend’s for brunch this morning – “That candy striped Hershey kiss will NOT make you happy,” I can stand up for what I believe in: a happy life that includes lovingly made food. Like bacon from the Amish market, and homemade banana bread (thanks Irene!) This life won’t include gross preservatives, cruelty to animals, and pollution. I want to detoxify my body and eat the way humans were meant to eat! I think it will make me happier and healthier.

As I’ve slowly made the transition from processed food to local, whole foods, I’ve noticed those times when my body says “FEED ME!” and I end up rummaging through the cupboard, looking for something starchy and sugary, have decreased. I guess it’s just getting all the nutrients it needs these days! And I feel so happy when I’m buzzing around the kitchen with a few pots on the stove and a splattered cookbook open in front of me. It’s delightful.

So what is your resolution?


2 Responses to “Happy New Years!”

  1. Laura Hann Says:

    Just found your blog and really enjoy what you have to offer! I have been walking to work for the last 5 months or so, this year I want to take my learnings and share them with others, perhaps thats why I like your blog idea so much!

    best wishes!

    • Alden Says:

      That’s a good one! I totally forgot. Once I get off at 50th and 7th Ave, I walk .6 miles (I measured) to work. I could take the shuttle, but why not get some fresh air??

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