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Essentials for a eco-chic girl’s purse December 13, 2009

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Being sustainable can really take thought and perseverance. So after many months, I think I’ve almost perfected what tools it takes to be sustainable on a daily basis in the city. Voila:

1. An iphone with lots of apps to help you live greener: Good Guide, 3rd Whale, iRecycle, What’s Fresh, Go Organic!

2. A vintage wallet from the flea market. (Better than buying new!)

3. A locally and hand-made leather purse that will stay in style and last forever.

4. A reusable bag that is so tiny when folded up you could fit it in a party clutch.

5. Organic and toxin-free hand moisturizer. Especially for those winter months!

6. A BPA-free reusable water bottle.

7. Your ticket for public transportation.

So do I have it all? I think I might add one more think: some vintage handkerchiefs so I can stop using and throwing away tissues.

What would you add?


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