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The Gifted Brooklyn Flea Market rocks my stockings! December 11, 2009

Ok, so any sustainable girl knows that going to a big department store for something that you can buy everywhere for a Christmas present is NO FUN. Why not get something that you can only find in your area? Something that is made locally, is handmade, and shows its craftsmanship.

Well, I made it back down to the Gifted Brooklyn Flea yesterday. (The day before I had forgotten my wallet. ::Hit forehead::) My main mission was to buy a gift for someone in the family from the Brooklyn Brew Shop. They sell personal brewing kits, which come with holiday flavors like gingerbread. Delicious! I won’t say who it’s for….secret!

But of course, everything being so darn cute, I got sucked into buying lots of other stuff.

I went back to a certain table, Wrecords by Monkey. I had to! He was such a nice guy, and his stuff is pretty cool, all made from vinyl records. I bought this adorable chandelier necklace.

Monkey knows the value of good salesmanship. While some vendors were shy, reticent, or just bored, he jumped right in as soon as I started looking over his goods, explaining his craftsmanship, the prices, and just being a cool guy. Let’s see if I can remember his quote, it was something like “It’s not just the visual, it’s the experience.” He likes to create relationships with his customers, and knows that if it’s someone else behind that table selling his stuff, it’s just not the same.

Check out his website here. (Though his stuff is discounted at the Gifted market.)

At another table nearby, Liz Gutman was selling delicious honeycomb chocolates, made with local honey. Milk chocolate on the outside, and a light, crunchy, sweet inside. It’s a unique taste. And I mean that in the grammatically correct sense, as in this is unlike anything I’ve tasted before.

Liz and her business partner, Jen King, just started their business, Liddabit Sweets, in April. Liz’s dad was always looking for a hard-to-find Australian treat, so Liz found the recipe and began making it herself. Now her business is in full swing – she’s getting corporate orders and cranking out the salt caramel and brittle confections. I bought a gift basket to give to my cousins. It’s only fair, since they always bring me Wilbur Buds from the chocolate factory in their town. Now I can reciprocate with something worthy of their taste buds.

If you want them, get ’em now. Liz told me their a seasonal treat. If it’s at all humid the inside become goopy and it’s not the same.

You can also find funky printed t-shirts, gift cards, and tons of adorable jewelry, both vintage and new, at the Gifted Flea.

East 4th Street and Lafayette in Manhattan.


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