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My Birthday and Eco-friendly birthday presents! November 29, 2009

I’ve gotten two presents so far. Yesterday my boyfriend gave me a climbing session at Earth Treks, per my request. (I wrote about my birthday and Christmas requests in this earlier post.)

It was a great time. When I first started up a stalactite, my position felt so perilous, like I would fall backwards if I even tried to move. “Why did I ask to do this?” I wondered. But as I started to pull myself up and to the top, I remembered why I like rock climbing so much. It’s a challenge, you come off it feeling happy and strong, and it’s so much better than sitting around and watching tv!

After that Scott took me to dinner at the Wild Orchid Cafe in Annapolis. He consulted my sister for a good recommendation. They both tortured me for weeks about it. “Ohhh, you’re going to LOVE it,” Colby kept saying, without telling me what it was. As we walked up the brick sidewalk to the porch, I asked Scott, “Is it local, sustainable food?”

He grinned. “Yup.”

At that point, I started squealing with delight. I’m so happy there’s a place like this in Annapolis! From their website:

Our cuisine is based primarily on the local produce and humanely raised animals of the Chesapeake Bay area…Chef Jim Wilder and team of Certified Chefs incorporate the finest seasonal seafood, game, and fresh local produce into the cuisine. For this reason, some have referred to our style as “Californian” meaning, we are well-known for creative preparations using the freshest and finest local products, which makes for stunning plate presentations with a natural, simple beauty…

And then today, Mom presented me with a beautiful blanket created from all my college t-shirts! I was so taken with it. And apparently, my sister’s husband liked it so much, he’s presented Mom with all his old nerdy/cool band t-shirts. I took a picture of them lined up and ready to be sewn, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I won’t post it here.

And I’ll just end with this. I was listening to Marketplace on NPR the other day, and there was a piece on the “value waste” that happens every year at Christmas. It’s because we pay money for gifts for other people, like what we think are a cute pair of gloves. But the receiver might not have paid so much for the gloves, or wouldn’t want to pay at all. So that money is wasted. The guest contributor, Joel Waldfogel, author of  Scroogenomics, put present waste at 20% of holiday spending. Really?? Thats 12 to 13 billion dollars a year of money that could have been saved, paid for better food, or a mortgage, or something else. Maybe we should rethink this.


One Response to “My Birthday and Eco-friendly birthday presents!”

  1. Annette Says:

    Wow! Your mom is much better with her sewing machine than I am:) What a great gift and it looks great, I really like the boarders she used too.

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