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Via Mashable: the power of the interwebs! November 17, 2009

Filed under: Cool sites — Alden @ 3:53 pm

I’m pretty stoked about this list of resources to find out info about products. I checked the websites out, and I think my faves are Good Guide, Do the Right Thing, and Know More.

I checked out Good Guide first, and was pretty pleased with what I saw. On the front page was a list of the best and worst energy bars. Nutrigrain was the worst, while Cascadian Farm Granola bars were rated a perfect 5. I tried to look up beer though, and all they had was root beer. What gives?

Do the Right Thing was next. It lets you create an account and vent about what you would like to see companies doing. It must not be very popular, because neither Kroger or Wal-Mart were listed. No Wal-Mart?? Still, I asked Wal-Mart to make their self-checkout system friendly to reusable bags.

Finally, Know More.


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