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Recipe for an easy, healthy, fruit smoothie November 17, 2009

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I do love buying myself a smoothie, but sometimes I get back too early from my workout and my favorite place is closed. What to do? Make my own! After a couple months of this, I think I have it perfected. And here it is for you dear readers:

Ok, so here we have all the ingredients:

  • Kombucha tea, either in Trilogy or Strawberry. (I would suggest it even if you don’t like kombucha, because the flavor isn’t strong in the smoothie. You can find it at whole foods or any upscale grocery store. If you’re totally opposed, – like this gal – Vicki likes using apple juice.)
  • Yogurt in strawberry or blueberry.
  • Frozen berries (you can get fresh, but this way you get the variety with less packaging and a lower price. Plus they’re already frozen, which I’ve found ups the quality of the smoothie. Less ice and more yumminess! Thanks to Vicki for that!)
  • Agave nectar (pronounced A-gauve-ay) for some healthy sweetness. Stevia might work as well, I’m not sure. Either can be found at a health foods store.
  • Acai powder, which I got from Whole Foods. The whole bag is pricey, but just a spoonful is enough, so it will last you awhile.
  • Protein powder, which you can get almost anywhere.
  • A few cubes of ice.

I didn’t give any quantities, because I don’t measure myself. Just use common sense. Lowball it for the protein powder though, because too much can make the smoothie gritty and gross.

It will be deliciously thick and yummy… and healthy!


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