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A Healthy Addiction: Juice Generation November 16, 2009

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Yes. I have an addiction. It’s an addiction that makes me walk seven blocks out of my way almost every day. I dream of that sweet (but not too sweet!) fruity flavor of crushed ice, mixed with goji berry, acai, coconut, or organic soy milk. I’m like a devotee to Starbucks who gets the shakes after a day of no tall non-fat lattes from Starbucks, even if I make one for myself at home. But this is better. (Worse?)

In fact, I just walked all the way down there for the express purpose of getting a smoothie. I was devastated to find the lights off and door locked. Missed it by five minutes! I made my own smoothie to make up for it, but it’s just not the same…

It’s called Juice Generation. It’s on 104th and Broadway, with other NYC locations at 72nd and Columbus, 9th Ave and 45th, and 7th Ave and 4th Street.  If the guys who work there don’t know my name by now, they certainly know my face. I tend to stop in after yoga, after a workout at the gym, for breakfast, for lunch, for an afternoon snack…really, any route that takes me past that spot will inevitably find me eagerly scanning the menu.

But I’m not ashamed. That’s because many of their ingredients are organic, and Juice Generation sources their apples, wheatgrass and dairy products from local farms. (Can’t say the same for mangosteen, but really? Let’s not be unreasonable.) Also, unlike many smoothie places, they don’t add sugary syrup, just agave nectar.

If I’m feeling a bit too peckish for just 350 calories of the Antioxidant All-star, I’ll grab a Raw Bar or similarly healthy crunchy something to go with it. Perfect!





2 Responses to “A Healthy Addiction: Juice Generation”

  1. […] I do love buying myself a smoothie, but sometimes I get back too early from my workout and my favorite place is closed. What to do? Make my own! After a couple months of this, I think I have it perfected. And here it is for you dear readers: […]

  2. Grade Acai Says:

    Is there a store nearby that would also sell the product so I didnt need to have it shupped?

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