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Trashy Halloween costumes. Gross! October 31, 2009

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Seriously? Why on earth would you pay money for these cheap things? Come ON. Halloween is all about creativity! Making use of what you have so that people say, “Oh, how cool!” You will not get that reaction from dressing up like a prostitute who’s trying to look German. (PS. I have a dirndl, and it looks nothing like that.) Plus buying a gross costume that you will never wear again is a huge waste of resources. (Both yours, and the earth’s.)


Tonight I’m either wearing my real dirndl, or I’m dressing up in a vintage, green, sparkly cocktail dress and hanging christmas bulbs all over it. Christmas tree! Point is, I’m at least attempting to be clever.

Avoid looking like an unimaginative hussy and create something cute/cool. You’ll be doing yourself a favor!


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