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How to print in an eco-friendly way October 29, 2009

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Ok, so we’ve all heard the tips about only printing when you have to, using recycled paper, and printing on both sides. But what about saving that ink? Putting less cartridges in the landfill?

eco font

Eco font! It’s a font that has been swiss cheesed to use 20% ink. Interesting eh?


And here’s a tip from my stepdad, Steve, about how to print with less ink:

As a photographer, when I make a print it’s typically at 200-400 dpi, depending on the printer, viewing distance, size of print, etc.  This for fine art prints – landscape, macrophotography, etc.

At least in Microsoft Windows the default resolution is 600 dpi (is Apple/Mac the same?).  Change it to “Fast Draft” or whatever’s 300 dpi and you’ll save 50% on ink.  Your email, mapquest directions, etc., don’t need to be 600 dpi on ordinary (crummy) printer paper which is going to bleed anyway.  You’re wasting ink and putting twice as many empty cartridges in the landfill.

Thanks Steve!


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