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Yesterday was local food day. FAIL. October 22, 2009

Filed under: experiment,Food,green angst — Alden @ 5:44 pm

Yeah, I said it, I failed. I ate an apple from upstate New York, and that was the extent of it. What else did I eat? I had a wheatberry salad with vegetables that I’m pretty sure came from California, a Clif bar, and even a mini hamburger from a open bar event in midtown. FOR SHAME. Did you know that going vegetarian is better for the environment that trading in your Hummer for a Prius?

This week has turned out to be so difficult! While I’ve cut down on my shopping drastically, there are still things I’ve had to buy. Tissues, a pack of pens, and painting supplies for the kitchen. I have to admit though, I practically have to wear blinders when I walk through SoHo to avoid getting drawn into the adorable stores there.

Then there is the issue of not making any trash, which I discussed in an earlier post. It’s pretty darn hard! I mean, it seems that all companies do is come up with creative ways to use more packaging on their products. See below. Isn’t that ridiculous?? Why package vegetables this way?


Today is electricity day. That means cutting down on consumption, or not using it at all. I’m on my laptop, so obviously I’m using some electricity. But I’m avoiding the TV, and I’m not using the elevator in my building. (It’s eight floors up. Whew!)

I’m going to make some resolutions right now for what’s left of the week:

1. No buying any food that comes in non-recyclable packaging.

2. No taking the elevator.

3. No meat!

Wish me luck!


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