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Germany is for hippies! September 24, 2009

Filed under: Food,Places to go — Alden @ 9:03 am

So I’m in Germany right now… you didn’t know that? Well, I am.

I’m not a huge fan of German food, I gotta say. It’s really heavy: meat, cream sauces, dense noodles and sauerkraut. Bleh. (You gotta check out this new German website that compares food packaging promises to the actual product. It’s a scream.)

But there are many things I love about Germany. Here are a few:


Strawberry Jam

Bio means organicIMG_0116

They have organic farmers markets.



They have a recycling bin for EVERYTHING, including compost. And their trash cans are about the size of my head. I don’t think there is even a regular trash can in the kitchen in my friend’s dorm.


solar panels

They are big fans of solar power.

4. They bike everywhere! (no picture, sorry!)

That’s it for now guys! I’m not spending my vacation on the computer….


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