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Hippies and actors unite! The Broadway Green Alliance September 15, 2009

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Broadway Green Alliance

I was fortunate enough to attend a small meeting of the Broadway Green Alliance today, which is headed by the appropriately-named Seth Greenleaf.

It sounds odd, doesn’t it, to hear the word Broadway and Green together? One doesn’t think of the happy-go-lucky theater as a trasher of the environment, but I think it just goes to show that everyone has a role to play.

They are taking small steps toward greening the industry, and have been pretty successful. For example, Broadway produces a lot of promotional items. Seth’s group introduced a wonderful organic t-shirt to sell at an event, and it outsold the other t-shirts two to one! Obviously, there is a market for environmentally-friendly Broadway-themed items. Who knew?

Other initiatives include using more eco-friendly materials to build sets, and greening the Tony’s last year. I don’t have all the details, but the work done by this little group is impressive!

You can find them at the Broadway Cares for AIDs flea market this weekend selling reusable totes. Very cool.


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