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The Big Fruit Experiment September 14, 2009

Filed under: experiment,Food — Alden @ 8:17 pm

Yum! Fruit!

There are many things that have pleasantly surprised me about New York. 1. Even though it’s a big city like Paris, strange men don’t leer at you and whisper all the things they would like to do to you. At least not obviously. 2. I’ve never felt scared walking down a street at night. 3. There was much more green around than I had imagined. (Thank goodness.) and 4. There are fruit stands all over the place!

Number 4 surprised me because I had always assumed a big city like New York is a sinkhole of nutrition. That one must avidly seek out bright spots of healthfulness hidden behind McDonalds and Ledo’s Pizza. Not so! I’ve passed the fruit stand many times, and appreciate what they do for commuters too harried for breakfast. I’m not the only one either.

So this week I’m gonna do a little experiment. (The title said “Big” but it’s not life changing. Maybe.)

Starting last night, every time I pass a fruit stand, I’m going to purchase at least one piece of fruit. Not only will I be supporting these champions of healthful snacking who must stand all day with little shade on noisy streets, I also hope that by forcing myself to constantly eat and carry around fruit, I can improve my diet for the better.

So last night, on the way to the gym, I bought a crisp, green apple. On the way home I bought three plums from a different vendor. This morning on the way to work I bought a banana. And then I passed two more carts, and chickened out because I already had a banana in my hand. Should I give myself an exception if I just bought something?

Let’s say no. Push it to the limit! Go for the goal! I just wish I had a composter to deal with the inevitable bruised-beyond-recognition banana that will surely occur.

It’s probably not organic… should I care? Meh, not this week!


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